Storytelling is as natural to me as breathing. 

Childhood daydreams of fantastical adventures and mythical creatures transformed the surfaces of every paper I could find. Through years of schooling, practice and an unwavering desire to simply create, those rudimentary sketches improved, but the love of fantastical adventures and mythical creatures remained. I'd often find myself doing my best to recreate the characters that had become so integral to my Saturday mornings. Encouraged and supported by my family, I went on to pursue visual arts at Cooperative Arts & Humanities High school, where I graduated in 20...*coughs*. There, I not only learned, improved and undoubtedly honed a lot of the skills I continue to draw (see what I did there?) upon as an artist, I also found a new love: videography.

Behind the lens of a camera, I realized that my imagination was not limited to pencil and paper. Working alongside a crew to transform our scripts into... okay, admittedly not the greatest cinematic works was something I thrived on. This infatuation with videography carried into my collegiate studies, as I pursed a B.S. in Communication with a concentration in Video Production at Southern Connecticut State University. Graduating in 20...*coughs* (I should really get this cough checked out), I began my ongoing part-time career as a freelance videographer and visual artist. 

My goal with my art across both platforms is the same as it has always been: to tell stories; and as a freelancer, I'm just grateful for the opportunity to help others tell theirs. 

There is no greater agony than bearing
an untold story inside you.



Seeing Stories is the brainchild of visual artist/videographer Taja Caprice. The brand serves as a creative hub for her original artwork and videography.